Call Easy Homes

How It Works

Our Process begins by locating a home in our program. On the properties page, there is a search box. It is easiest to search by State only. This will give you a wide look at what we have available today.

We purchase homes often and we sell homes often. If you do not see what you want today you can come back next week and take another look. You can also subscribe to our page to receive updates.

Once you find a home you would like to see, send us an email at 

We will set up a time for you to visit the home. If you like the home and would like to proceed then we will work out the numbers to make sure we are all in agreement with the terms.

We will then send you an application which you will fill out and send back to us.

We verify your income, employment, and rental history.

Once that is done we draw up the contracts and get them emailed over to you.

You will then print them out. Review them (Have someone look at them for you) then sign the documents in the presence of a Notary.

You will overnight all of the documents to our offices along with certified funds of deposit monies (Cashiers check or money order).

We receive your papers, review them and sign them.

We then let you know that your papers have been processed and give you the green light to take possession of the home.

We will mail a copy of the fully signed papers back to you.

You will make your monthly payments on time for the length of the term or if you decide to pay off the balance owed early with no pre-payment penalty.

Once the balance owed is paid in full We will sign the deed to the home over to you at which time the property is 100% yours.

Please email any questions to info@calleasyhomes.comom